Saturday, August 18, 2007

Love is......

Do your kids start getting restless in the summer? Do they argue more amongst themselves? This summer the negativity was really bringing me down. I thought I had the solution to this.

I pulled out my Bible and started reading I Corinthians 13 to my girls. I broke it down verse by verse and explained every line. I reread it using their names in place of the word love (Kasi is patient. Kasi is kind). They have been through all this before. This was our unit study last February. I asked them if they were going to start showing more patience toward each other, more kindness, etc. I then asked them what would happen if they were caught acting negatively toward each other again.

Alea had it all figured out and said, "We will have to sit and listen to this all over again"!

Gotta love'em!

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