Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laziness on the last day of summer

Yesterday was the last day of our summer vacation. And it was HOT! So we went to the library and checked out some more movies. It has been over 100 so much this summer we have watched ALOT of movies. We watched 'Searching for Bobby Fischer', the true story of a 7 year old chess prodigy named Josh Waitzkin. He was (and still is) an unbelievable at chess player and was also a gifted athlete.

I commented about how it would be feel to be that gifted at anything, let alone have so many gifts. My daughter, Alea said, 'you are at teaching'. I wish I was, but I know I am not. But the mere fact that she thought so almost made me cry.

I think of all the times that I try to teach my daughters something and have no idea how to present it so they will understand. I pray to God 'God, I know you are a better teacher than I. I have no idea what to do. Please use me as a vessel to teach my children. Let me be silent and speak through me. Teach them what you would have them know.' I will begin to explain in a way I had never considered before. Suddenly I am saying 'Cool! Where did that idea come from? I hadn't thought about it that way!' and everyone has understanding.

I think this will become my new daily prayer, not just for school, but for motherhood.

Oh, and the movie inspired me to try to learn chess. I have tried before but couldn't get past all the different pieces moving different directions, and gave up. I think now I understand. Don't get me wrong, I will probably never be a champion. But I am starting to understand how it works. And it is addictive.

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Robin said...

That movie is great. I watched it many years ago with my older kids. Now that they are all grown up and gone(2 married and one in college), I think I will have to find it to watch with my younger 4 who are still at home. Thanks for the reminder!

PS I found you via a link at Enjoy the Journey!