Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tagged Again? Aw shucks!

Trisha, at Suds to Love is one of my soapcrafting friends I have made through the Soapmakers Corner forum. She has presented me with the above blogging award. I am supposed to link to the person who sent it to me *check* and send it on to seven others. As this has traveled a bit already I am going to have to limit how many folks I send it to. Sorry, I only have so many friends! Go check out Trisha's blog and admire her gorgeous children.

The one plus to all these fabulous tags is that it gives us all an opportunity to explore new blogs that we would have never checked out otherwise. Thanks for the opportunity. I have been truly blessed with some wonderful new friends through the blogosphere. So.......I would like to take the opportunity to present the above award to

Sherlyn at Carolina Cowgirl
Starr at Threshold Moments
Elizabeth at Gassner Custom Soaps
and my newest blogging friend
Heather at Swallowing a Moose

I LOVE their blogs and I know you will too.

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Jerry Nelson said...

Great posts! Feel free to visit us at Koinonia Farm, a Christian Intentional Community in sw Georgia.