Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Glimpse at a Future Community

These photos are of a future community. We are incredibly blessed to be working with a landowner who is excited about helping God's vision for this community become a reality. He has agreed to sell us a portion of the land with an agreement to lease and later purchase the remainder. We are awaiting the results of a re-survey to divide the land nearly in half. When it is complete we hope to sit down with the owner and strike an agreement that will benefit us all. We truly desire the entire tract of land, as you can see it is amazing. We have all agreed though that purchasing a portion for now, and making an agreement for a future lease and purchase is much more desirable than living in a tent for the next couple of years.
I am getting anxious and truly covet your prayers for this incredible project.


Michelle said...

My thoughts are with you and I hope everything things turns out the way you want.

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

What a beautiful piece of land. It looks exactly like a piece of land right down the road from me in Maryland...

Wendy M. said...

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! The Hunsuckers only 5 minutes away - my girls are nearly beside themselves at the thought! Play dates whenever we want - no worries about the distance or the cost of gas! Yeah God!

Oh - I'm excited about your new community, too - the idea rocks, but I do have my priorities!! ;)

Rev Colin said...

The vision that you've been given is exciting! DON'T be anxious though! The most important thing is that if it's truly what God wants of you then HE will make it all come together.
Sometimes it's easy for us to hold the vision too tightly and then there's not enough growing space for it. That's the time to simply 'Let go and let God'!
Your vision will feature in my prayers, as you and your family already do.