Saturday, July 12, 2008

Will You Eat Them In A House? Will You Eat Them With A Mouse?

I LOVE animals! I love mice. They are my friends. But when it comes to the furry little cuties breaking into my family's food supply and traipsing all over it with their little footsies, I get a little annoyed. In fact, I get irate! And a new little mouse has welcomed itself into the house we are staying in.
I have tried nice little humane methods of getting rid of our little friend, who, by the way, moves faster than any mouse I have ever seen in my life. Even made my husband jump. Trust me, that is no small feat! Nothing is getting rid of the little guy, who scurries at the speed of light from the storage closet to under the range to the wood stove to behind the couch to the pantry faster than you can blink. I'm not even sure what color he is. I call his color dark blur (aka. not white).

We went to Costco the other day, and have a sack load of goodies that I picked up for Grandpa. Soon to be Dead Mouse apparently has developed a taste for coffee and decided to help himself to Grandpa's coffee beans! So now he is hopped up on caffeine. And I have to use another half tank of liquid gold to drive to Costco and get Grandpa some more coffee. I do not have my happy camper face on right now. And he has been clawing his way into my boxes.

Then I sniff sniff opened the pantry to find my last little Ziploc of healthy homemade granola on the floor with little pieces of granola goodies strewn across the floor. It is eviction time Mousie! No more Mrs. Nice Guy! Just as soon as I finish my big bowl of not so healthy Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which, apparently, you are not so fond of.


Sherlyn said...

Eeewwww! I hate them pesky little varmits!! Good luck on your catch!!!!

Rev Colin said...

1.Take a photo of it, using the special technology to take photos of things at speed, and post it on your Blog.
2.Say that its days are numbered.
3.Then the first someone to leave a comment saying "Aaaah!", can come and collect it from you for their very own.
PROBLEM SOLVED! (Well, you have to admit that it's one way!)

Anne-Marie said...

OH NO! How dare that little mouse eat your homemade granola! They are cute little pets, but not so cute as unwanted house guests!

thatmom said...

Oh Natalie, this reminds me of the first night we moved into our old beloved farmhouse years ago. It was October and the property was surrounded by corn fields that had just been harvested. The house had been empty for a couple of months when we moved in, thrilled to be living in the country.

The first night there, we got the kids in bed and then we went to bed, turning off all the lights. About 5 minutes later it sounded like a mouse square dance on the kitchen floor. My husband turned on the light and both of us gasp at a site nearly like the kitchen mouse scene on Mouse Hunt. I was horrified. We struggled with mice in that house the entire 5 years we lived there! Even our cat was overwhelmed!!!