Sunday, August 3, 2008

God is My Copilot. So...who's driving?

I saw this bumper sticker today God is My Copilot. Have you seen it? I never really paid attention before, but today it just hit me. So...who's driving? Is the driver really suggesting that he is in control of his destination and God is in the passenger seat...along for the ride...just in case he should require some rest?

Sadly, don't we all do that? We want control of our lives. We want to choose where we go, with who, and our method of transportation. Then we get lost, and we say, "Hey God, can you bail me out here? I'm in a jam. I think I would like you to drive for awhile. Maybe just 'til we hit a familiar area. Then I'll take over the controls again. Then you can rest while I drive. I can handle it. I'm cool."

We need to learn to surrender control to God. We don't just need a savior, we need a Lord. Trust me, he makes better decisions than we do. We will never find ourselves lost when he is driving. And when we allow God to direct our path, he will take us places we never dreamed possible.

A new sticker should read God is my pilot. I'm just along for the ride of my life.

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