Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zoo trip

Yesterday the girls and I, along with Grandma, went to the zoo. We had a wonderful time and learned quite a few new facts about our natural world.

The NC Zoo has the most amazing aviary. It is not only filled with beautiful birds flying freely all around you, but also with amazing plant life. If I ever have several hundred extra thousand dollars, I think I would like to build one at my place. What a wonderful place to sit and pray. But....since that is unlikely to happen, I'll just keep visiting the zoo.

They have a new tree frog exhibit. They have all these little neon colored tree frogs. It is like looking into a hidden puzzle page to find them. You would think, considering their blue, yellow, and red coloring, that they would just stand out, but they don't. You have to search. An interesting fact I learned via the zoo newsletter: poisonous frogs are not poisonous in captivity. Seems they form their poison from eating some kind of insects (I think it was fire ants, but don't recall for sure).

We had the most amazing thing happen at the polar bear exhibit. Wilhelm the polar bear was resting when we arrived (it was 98 out). But he got up and started cooling off in the water. We were watching underwater through glass and he came over and started checking us out. I got the most amazing picture when he put his paw up to the glass, and Alea put her hand up to it. Kasi was too frightened, but really enjoyed watching.

Neat stuff. Now, this is learning!

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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

What a GORGEOUS photo of the girls. That's a framer!

We love going to the zoo. I like to go and do mini trips. Say, focus only on the Aviary this trip, and next time just do the Arctic animals...

Love having a zoo membership for that very reason!