Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Month Is This?

I printed out a 2007 Fun Facts Calendar from FamilyEducation.com. Did you know that September is Baby Safety Month, Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15 - 10/15), Kid's Good Manners Month, National Literacy Month, National School Success Month, Better Breakfast Month, Kid's Eye Health and Safety Month, Library Card Sign-Up, National Piano Month, aaaannnnddd Organic Harvest Month. Huh? Now don't get me wrong. I wanna celebrate Kid's Good Manners Month. (January through December preferably!) How did we ever decide on all these month designations? Would you believe that June, among other things, is Fireworks Safety Month? (until 7/04) How incredibly profound! My fave- December is designated Safe Toys and Gifts Month, Universal Human Rights Month, and Stress-Free Family Holiday Month. My husband asks 'Do we celebrate that?' I hereby designate September Mommy Gets a Pedicure Month!!!! Lets all go celebrate!~


Ann said...

Amen -- let's celebrate Mommy Needs .....Month. I think we deserve it, after all that we do (willingly or grudgingly) for everyone in our family.
Who comes up with all this .....Month stuff, anyway????

koinoniacommunity said...

I know. Isn't it crazy?! It can't even be the greeting card people. Who makes a card for Stress Free Family Holiday Month?