Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Batch of Laundry Soap

Okay, batch two of my homemade laundry soap. I finally located Zote soap. I have not had any luck locating Fels Naptha (without ordering it online - kinda ruins the whole money saving thing). Zote was offered as an alternative. I got to researching Zote. It is made in Mexico. So I head off to the local Latin market. Guess what?! I found five choices for laundry bar soap!!!! I have been searching high and low for ANYTHING, and in I walk and discover 5 CHOICES! You would have thought I had discovered gold.

So, here are my pictures. Much prettier than the detergent made with Colgate Octagon, which was a khaki color. The scent is also milder. I finally placed the scent of Zote. It smells a lot like Murphy's oil soap. I love that smell! Something else I found out while checking into Zote soap. Apparently they use it to make catfish bait. REALLY!!! It is reported to be irresistible to catfish. Check it out online. Well, I had better go wash some clothes. Bye for now!

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