Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Tomorrow is Friday Day!

Happy Tomorrow is Friday Day! I know I should enjoy every day. But my sweetie pie is actually off work this weekend, so I am looking forward to Friday.

I thought I would surprise the girls with some pancakes today (One of Kasi's favorite food groups - the other is waffles!) In skips Kasi. I say "I made you heart shaped pancakes today" (with my biggest smile and sweet motherly voice). Kasi's head drops as she sighs, "I was hoping for puppy pancakes". *In my head* "Puppy pancakes? Who makes puppy pancakes? You're lucky to be getting pancakes! And heart pancakes to boot! I bet Sweet Pea (our pig) would like heart pancakes." ~Out loud~"We'll see, sweetie."

Well, I had made hearts and plain old round pancakes. I could use them for the head and jowl. All I needed was ears, nose and tongue (remember those simple little doggies we used to draw as little girls?!). And voila............

I know I am completely warped! Add to that the fact that I made a mock bananas foster topping for my non-picky eater and myself, and I think I have completely lost my mind. The eyes are Christmas baking chips I bought for a quarter a bag first of the year. This definitely has to be my 'cheat meal' for the week.

No frozen waffles for my young'uns today, man!!!!

By the way, today the girls are making their first very own sourdough bread starter. Mmmmm, sourdough bread.

Hmmm, maybe I had better start going to the Y again.


Wendy said...

Geez, sure are a lot to live up to in the "cool mommy" department! Cute girls are lucky to get the frozen waffles!

koinoniacommunity said...

Just trying to keep you on your toes!
Of course, today they are probably getting PB&J! :0)