Friday, June 27, 2008

My Cool Idea for Summertime

Our local library has a really neat summer reading program to encourage kids to read over the summer. The problem is that with their limited budgets and the number of kids they are trying to reach, their rewards consist of little plastic trinkets. Not wanting to accumulate stuff that we just don't need, and will very soon find it's way into the local landfill, I brainstormed for a way to devise my own 'summer reading program' for my girls. I ran it by them, and they are jumping up and down, absolutely thrilled with our new program. In fact, they have both almost finished reading the four books each they picked out at the library yesterday!

They are keeping a log of the books they have read - title, author, number of chapters, number of pages, and the date they completed it. They reach a new reward level for every 15 books read (books of their own choosing, of course). The first 15 book level is going to be a trip to the movies (yup, even popcorn and a drink). At the 30 book level they are going to get to participate in a soap making craft day. The adorable little guys pictured at the top of the page are made using a soap making kit available through Bramble Berry. We will (hopefully soon) be moving into our new home and I thought it would give the girls an opportunity to participate in creating their own special bathroom. And, as some of you know, I have a wee bit of a passion for soap making.

If you want to order your own, and I know you do, you can order it through For less than $20 you will receive the very adorable amphibian mold ( with two cavities each of the salamander and the frog), orange mica, blue-green mica, iridescent glitter, white melt and pour soap base, clear melt and pour soap base, pearberry fragrance oil, and watermelon fragrance oil. There is enough to make soap for your kids, for mom and dad, and even for your kid's best friends. Ooooh, how about a slumber party craft?! Or a summer craft for you homeschoolers?! Whatever the occasion, pick one up and enjoy!

As for our 45 and 60 book levels, I haven't decided. They will have to be big to follow this. Maybe supper at Mr. Gatti's with a few tokens to play the games. But, with cute little critter soaps that they made themselves in their own bathroom, who cares?


Anne-Marie said...

Oh boy! Are they almost to book 30? I can't wait to see how they like the kit! It's one of my favorites- My staff and I had a blast with it.

koinonia community said...

Hey Anne-Marie! I will have to post pics of what they make. We still have several books to go, but at the rate they are reading, I need to think ahead. They are already submitting ideas for the 75 book level. Yikes!

Starr said...

Girl, I did not know you were back in cyber space! I'll be checking by alot!
We are off to the beach tomorrow to pick Austin up from my mom and dad's. He's been gone for 2 1/2 weeks. I'm goin into DT'S. I need an Austin fix BAD!! Talk to ya when we get back.
Love ya,