Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mind-Healing Time

I was reflecting on the 'thought of the day'. One of the things we did on our vacation was try to wake up while it was still dark, walk to the beach and enjoy the sunrise. My husband made it every day, but I confess I missed a couple.

The problem is that we, as women, rise thinking about all we have to get accomplished during the day. We don't take the time to enjoy quiet reflection. I don't mean taking out that hour to watch Oprah or your favorite soap. That is not mind-healing time. We all need time every day to sit and reflect on the blessings of the natural world, and the blessings that exist in our own lives.

Honestly, when I get rushed and don't take the time to consciously think about them, and to look for them in the world around me, I forget they are there. I think of all the things I need to do with my children as items to check off my TO DO LIST. But I don't take the time to think about how rich and exciting they keep my life. I look at the yard and recognize it not for the vibrant colors, or the scent of the trees and flowers, but as mowing and weed pulling. Or worse, as sneezing and running eyes. If I'm not careful, I will view the sunrise with dread, already anticipating the heat of the day.

I truly believe that the only way to combat this thought pattern is to rise early enough to avoid rushing, and to sit and pray, and really look for the blessings around me. In Hawaii, we woke one morning to trek down to the beach. As we walked across the beach in the dark, we could hear whales calling. We still couldn't even see them, but what a glorious sound to hear first thing in the morning. If we had stayed in bed, we would have missed it all.

I have found that when I don't take this time in the morning, my attitude suffers the whole day. Not only that, but my energy drains more rapidly. I need the mind-healing time or I will rush through the day frazzled and exhausted, sharing my highly contagious negative attitude with everyone I see.

Avoid the morning rush. Wake early. Enjoy some 'alone time'. Look around you. Enjoy the natural world you see, even if it is a patio plant and a couple of pigeons. Reflect on your family, and see them for what they bring to your life. Train yourself to focus on the positive. Talk to your maker, and thank Him for all these blessings that He chose to place in your life. Then enjoy your day. I know that this time will prove to be more valuable than an extra 30 minutes or so of shut-eye. You may not see yourself as a 'morning person'. Try it for a few weeks and see if that changes. This is mind-healing time.


euthymic said...

i very much believe in prayer and taking time for God. thanks for the blog, it was a good read.

thatmom said...

Natalie, you are speaking to my own heart! I LOVE to be up early...I am disgustingly cheerful at 4:00am! I treasure that quiet time when the boys are on their newspaper route and I can just soak in the loveliness of a new day. I know it really helps to prepare me for the day ahead and it makes a huge difference in my own attitude! Now, if I could just have that experience on a beach in Hawaii!