Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Great Field Trip

We are leaving tomorrow on the great field trip. This is our fifth year of homeschooling. Ever since the beginning we were excited about the idea of being able to learn hands-on. We hoped to be able to learn through field trips that would give us greater understanding of the world we live in, and the history of the people. When we went to Hawaii with my parents a couple of years ago, we made it an opportunity to learn about the place and the people. We learned about the island environment. Hawaii doesn't have snakes or mosquitoes.

One of the places we have badly wanted to visit is Williamsburg, Va. Our girls love history, and love learning about the way people used to live. We are planning on heading to Williamsburg for the Spring Homeschool Experience. If you aren't familiar with the Homeschool Experience, you really should check it out. Williamsburg has two a in the fall, one in the spring. I assume they are held during their slowest weeks of the year. But the prices are amazing. Several places offer lodging at a fraction of their normal price, and the pass to all the historical buildings and activities in Colonial Williamsburg is incredibly reduced. I believe the normal price this time of year is somewhere around $26 for a one day pass, and a five day pass is being offered for $11. Now that is what I call a savings! They also offer additional programs for homeschoolers during this special week.

We are also starting a new blog and hope to have it up at our return. Myself, and the girls will be posting on this new blog. They are itching at the opportunity to blog themselves and it is my desire to use it as a tool for school. They are wanting to write about their interests and experiences. You may even get to witness their growth as amateur photographers and see what little creative projects they are working on. They will begin by telling you about some of the things they learned during their wonderful Williamsburg experience. Please encourage them and help me guide them so they can learn and grow through their writing.

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egassner said...

How Fun! Can't wait to see the girls' blog!