Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Quilt In Progress

Well, I decided I had way too much free time on my hands. In other words I have nearly thirty minutes to an hour each day that I am not running around like a madwoman, pulling my hair out. That is just not acceptable. I needed to do something about that disgraceful waste of God-given time.

Anyhoo, I absolutely love learning new skills. I have never been one to allow fear of failure ( or fear of making a fool of myself) get in the way of discovering a new love.

So I decided to make a quilt. Not just any quilt, but a queen sized quilt to grace our bed. So much for just getting my feet wet. Just to make sure I would make such a quilt and not put it off for another year...or ten, I didn't buy a bedspread. ...even though I saw a perfectly good one...or two on clearance...

I can sew. I don't much, but I can. I have skills, as they say. I once sewed a quilt. Well, sort of. It was a small wall hanging made from a kit, and it was nearly twenty years ago, but I figure it's kind of like riding a bike....a bike that I have only ridden with training wheels, or maybe a tricycle, but suddenly decided to enter in an endurance ride. But I always enjoy a challenge.

Really, it is going better than planned. It took me days to cut the pieces. I was originally going to construct it of all 3" squares. That was until I did the math and discovered that I was going to need 1080 such squares. I just don't believe I have that long of an attention span for that kind of project.

But the actual piecing is going much quicker.
Today during my 'free' hour I sewed my first ten squares. So they aren't perfect. They are SO much better than I expected. Anyways, who wants perfect? I think I may even get it completed before the weather gets too hot to sleep under a quilt.

I am using the little Kenmore Mini Ultra that Alea got for her seventh birthday. I don't know what happened to my old 1960's sewing machine. Maybe it is still in the storage trailer. It hasn't really seen alot of use here lately. But hey, the Mini works great!

Well, wish me luck. I may be busy for the next couple of weeks.
But, hey, I am really enjoying this. I think I love quilting!


Amber said...

Natalie!!! It's going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see your progress! :D

koinonia community said...

Thanks Amber. I have half of my squares done but haven't been able to work on it in over a week. It's killing me. Sewing is addictive! I want to see this quilt on my bed NOW.

egassner said...

Hehehe! It is SO addictive! Looking good so far. I HATE cutting! HATE IT! But alas, you have to cut to make a beautiful quilt!