Friday, February 5, 2010

A Community Update

So much has been happening around Koinonia Community that I am afraid I haven't taken a moment to write. I hope that is beginning to change. I miss this and I miss you, and I hope to be returning more frequently.

We are fairly settled into our home and have been working around the farm most free moments. There are always fences to put up, there is maintenance to do, and buildings to work on constructing. There are animals that need tending to (and babying). Add to that the fact that it has consistently remained muddy and water has remained frozen a good portion of the time. At least now we don't have to haul those buckets quite so far.

Just like everything God does, none of this has been progressing in a way that resembles our original plans. Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. We have allowed ourselves to become discouraged at times, but after a time we have seen how much better God's way of doing things has been. We were just so excited and ready to be a part of building a community. But in our haste and excitement, we tried moving things along in the way they should go.

But God doesn't always work that way. A community of believers that is focused on serving God and each other can't be must be grown. It must occur organically, like the growth of a fruit tree that bears good, strong fruit. Strong roots must develop before the tree can support itself. Time must pass as the roots reach deeper into the soil, and the branches develop upward, soaking in the nourishment from the sun and rain. The exciting thing is that we can now see development. God is sending the sun and the rain. And we can see our branches developing. And we are patiently waiting for our tree to get strong enough to bear fruit.

So, a few changes that have occurred? Nick, our courageous first settler, is becoming adjusted, doing his sleeping in his camper, but much of his living in the house. We have been meeting weekly here at the community house for church, and the number of people that have been joining us has been growing. This house has truly become a house of prayer. It is a beautiful thing to see people joining in true communion, fellowship, and prayer, every week.

Are you wondering what happened to that lovely camper that we lived in for ten glorious months? Were you thinking we would want to keep it to go camping on weekends? We needed to sell it as we desperately needed the money. Then a friend offered us a trade of our camper for a small log cabin. We prayed over it for a LONG time. A cabin would provide another home for someone who may desire to move out here to Koinonia Community. But we couldn't ignore the fact that we needed the cash. So we prayed some more. In the end we decided to trade for the cabin. After all, he was going to give it to someone who needed a place to stay. It just seemed like God had a hand in it all. So we gave him the camper. Mysteriously, after we made that decision, the company my husband's farm contracts with decided to start getting caught up on the money they owed him. I just don't believe in coincidences, do you?

Well, I will stay on top of updates and drop in for a few short notes and quotes as well, just like old times. We hope you are enjoying many blessings.

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