Monday, November 26, 2007

Miracles are all around us!

Ever seen a miracle? I mean, we read about them in the Bible. We read about them in magazines and books. We see stories about them in the movies. But have you ever seen or touched a miracle? If so, how did it impact you? Did you believe it was a miracle of God or merely a coincidence?

Remember the wondrous works that he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he uttered
Psalms 105:5 (ESV)

Miracles are mentioned frequently in the Bible. They are manifest by God. They are performed by Christ. They are performed by the disciples. The working of miracles is even mentioned as a spiritual gift. They leave people in awe. They strengthen belief. They create faith.

We often pray for a miracle. God, they say there is no hope, but you are a God of miracles.....God, show them a miracle.....God, soften his hard heart - work a miracle.... But, do we really go into our prayers with the expectation of having them answered? Do we expect to witness a miracle? I think we are full of doubt. But I don't think it is doubt in God's ability to perform a miracle. I think it is that we doubt God is willing to perform a miracle on our behalf.

Miracles serve a purpose. Really, don't all the spiritual gifts work toward fulfilling God's purpose? Miracles are all around us. We need to learn to recognize them for what they are. When we see a miracle in progress, we need to stop. We need to think of the implications. God causes miracles to work toward His purpose. When I see a miracle performed in a person's life, I have learned to stop and think about what His purpose is in their life. What does He have in store for their future that a miracle was necessary to propel them there?

Just last week, I saw God work a miracle in the life of a five year old child. I saw people's hearts soften, and saw them make decisions that would impact this child's life forever. I saw them turn 'it isn't possible' into 'it is done'. My favorite part of the story is hearing about how, as these government officials filled out the paper work, they were shaking their heads in wonder, looking confused, and saying 'this never happens'. Never? It was happening. They just didn't know they were being used as an instrument in the working of a miracle.

When I think of this story, I can't help but wonder, what does God have in store for this child? After all, miracles aren't thrown around haphazardly. This child's life required a miracle to propel her toward her purpose - God's purpose.

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Rev Colin said...

Miracles happen all the time! The problem is that people are often too busy to stop and take notice of them. I think that the important thing is always to remember why they take place at all, and that's to point people towards our creator God in such a way that they will come to see His glory behind, in and through the miracle.
The thing is to go through life expecting to see miracles --- keeping your eyes open for them, for they'll be there often when you least expect them. In many ways that makes the happening even more miraculous!