Saturday, November 3, 2007

An Amazing Story!

My family experienced one of the most amazing examples of koinonia last night. I just have to share. Koinonia is a Greek word that translates as participation, social intercourse, benefaction, fellowship, communion, communication, distribution, and sharing. As many of you know, it is my passion. I wish to live my life teaching others of how incredibly rich and blessed their lives can be if they spend their time in communion with others, in fellowship, sharing with people, giving to people. My life is exceedingly, abundantly above anything I could have imagined it to be. I'm not wealthy. But I am blessed. Let me begin my story. See for yourself.

I was approached by a friend at church in September. She informed me that she had been approached by an individual who wanted to provide a 'date night' for my husband and I. I was told that child care would be provided. We were to choose a restaurant and let her know of times that we would be available, and she would get back to us with arrangements.

Last night, at the arranged upon time, we dropped our girls off for a pizza and movie party with friends who agreed to help. All the arrangements were made for us by our contact person. We then proceeded to Carrabas for our 6:15 reservation. I must note that Carrabas does not take reservations, but made a special exception. We were led to a special booth, beautifully decorated especially for us. The table was dressed with a lacy tablecloth and there was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in a glass vase in the center of the table. Our benefactor had put so much care in providing a romantic environment - from the flickering tea lights to the beautiful napkin rings. And leaning against the vase of flowers was a card addressed to us.

Well, I can't share the details of the card. But know that there were two sets of eyes welling up at that table. And it did reveal our benefactor, who then came out and gave us hugs, took a couple of pictures, told us to enjoy our evening, and disappeared. It was another dear, precious friend of ours, and a complete surprise. We proceeded to enjoy the evening, eating wonderful food, and enjoying amazing service. Many of the staff members came by, telling us they had been dying all day to know the occasion for our special night. They looked at us dumbfounded as we said that we didn't have an occasion. We just have the coolest, most amazing friends ever!

We were told to take the flowers with us. They were ours. And we faced the awkward task of leaving without paying. Our friend had taken care of the details.

Koinonia doesn't just mean fellowship. It means giving. It means sharing. Our friend shared a part of herself when she selflessly provided this incredible evening for us. We have no way of knowing the number of people she touched in the process. Who in the restaurant that night could possibly have heard the story, and been touched by Christ operating through our friend? How about the staff? Do you think our young waitress could tell her children twenty years from now the story of one night long ago, when she was waiting tables? Who was possibly moved to change while witnessing our teary prayer before our meal? Could it have made a difference in our friend, providing for us? I pray that God will bless her a hundred fold. I know it made a difference in our lives. It is yet more evidence of Christ in the world. To quote my husband - this is what life is like when you live in the Kingdom.


Starr said...

How wonderful! What a blessing! I'm glad for you and Darrell. You two deserve it.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

You certainly deserved it! :) Now....introduce me to this friend, okay :)

Ann said...

You obviously have some WONDERFUL friends. You truly are blessed. Hope you have another "date night" soon.