Friday, November 9, 2007

Can You Out-Give God? Wanna try?

My husband raised an interesting point yesterday. He stated that you never hear about people giving their way to financial ruin. Basically, you never hear about people giving so much to others that it financially breaks them. Why is that?

I can think of a couple of reasons that people head down the path to financial ruin. The most notable of these is consumption of unnecessary stuff. People financially ruin themselves by consumption. They buy. They use. It is gone. They buy more. The television is an advertising tool. It nurtures desire for stuff. Even food. I can be full. Next thing I know a commercial comes on showing a juicy burger, or! Suddenly, I DESIRE food. I try to think of something else, but my mind goes back to that image.

It works the same way for stuff. Not just the commercials, but the programs. I can glance at almost any show on television, and say "Oooh, look at that table, door, stained glass window, vase, sofa (you get the picture). That would look great in my house". Speaking of houses, there sure on some neat ones on TV. I think back to when I when I used to watch "Friends". I have never seen an apartment so large...and well decorated! And several of those folks were unemployed!!!

I hate to allow my kids to watch cartoons. Not just because it is senseless rot, but because of the commercials for toys, toys, and more toys. All I hear is "I want", "I gotta have". We buy. We use. It is gone.

Everything God has given us temporarily for our time on earth is small. He has saved the true treasure and riches for us in heaven. He wants first to see what we do with the small things we are entrusted with on earth. That is how he determines what he will entrust us with in heaven. It is a test. What does your score look like?

People that give, give, give just don't buy, buy, buy. They don't fall prey as frequently to the "gotta haves". And that is simply because their desire to give to others is greater that their sense of want. When you look outside yourself to the needs of others, you don't feel the selfish pangs urging you to CONSUME.

I would love to be that kind of person, but I have to confess, I just am not there. I love to give to others, but I frequently catch myself weighing my 'giving' against my 'wanting'. Just this morning I caught myself filling my 'wish list' shopping basket, full of soap making supplies, so when payday hits, I am ready to buy, buy, buy, at the touch of a key. I want to increase my score! I want to be a giver, and not a consumer. I want to try to give my way to financial ruin. After all, I have already figured out how to buy my way to financial ruin.

So, why can't you give your way to financial ruin? Because you can't out-give God. Every time you give with pure intentions, it comes back to you. God will continue to entrust you with more and more of his treasure. But wouldn't it be fun to try?! How would you like to be the first person in history to out-give God? Wanna try?

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Anne-Marie said...

I hear ya' when it comes to rampant consumerism. It is really hard not to read a magazine and think "Oh, I want that!" or to have your self-worth defined by looking trendy and cute with the latest fashions.