Friday, June 11, 2010

Tie Dye Fever has struck......Groovy!

Okay, after months and months we are starting to get settled at our new home.  Well, as settled as you can be when you are settling on a land that has been basically abandoned for several decades.  We have had plenty of time to become accustomed once again to luxuries like running water and a modern kitchen.  But we found we ran into a little problem during our year and a half 'in limbo'. 

Our girls grew up quite a bit in that year and a half.  Some of you know the vast difference in interests between a young girl of six, and a maturing girl of eight.  Kasi was so excited to for the first time be in possession of her own bed....even her own room!  But she would just grin and bear it when it came to her cutesy pink and animal print bedding and decorations she so adored as a girl of six.

I remember the pink  ballerina wallpaper that I had to endure for nearly ten years when it caught my fancy as a girl of five.  I never even took dance, so I don't for the life of me know what triggered my choice.  But...anyways....I digress.

So Kasi has become a 'big' girl, with big girl interests.  What to do?  What to do?  I did what any other totally hip and slightly wacky crafty mom would do.  I pulled out the tie dye kit!  "Let's tie dye some curtains for you", I say.  They turned out amazing if I do say so myself.  While we were at it, we tie dyed pillowcases, t shirts and bandannas.  Now when the girls go to a sleepover, their pillow will be easy to spot.  And we are all extremely stylish (and easy to spot) as well. 

I purchased an old, high quality, white cotton sheet at Goodwill the other week for $2.  I'm thinking about tie dying it (sshhhh, it's a surprise!) and cutting it in strips to include on the quilt I am going to surprise her day.  Since it will only be a twin, maybe it won't be too far in the distant future.  Most of the fabrics I have selected already are batiks.  The would go great with some tie dyed strips.  

Well, I'd better run.  Once again, the girls are I gotta play!

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egassner said...

OMW! Kasi, get your Momma to open an Etsy shop already! these are beautiful works of art! I'll be your first customer, promise!