Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something to think about......

I want to leave you with something to think about today.  I have been really thinking lately about commitment.  It seems where everywhere I turn, people aren't doing what they say they are going to do. 

They go back on their word.  (Sorry, I got busy...it was hot so I decided to go swimming instead....I had alot to do...I got busy)  I had a friend agree to teach the girls a skill.  Two weeks in a row, she just never showed up.  No call or anything.  My girls spent hours running to the window looking for her.  They made her gifts to give her on her visits, but they never heard from her.

Some refuse to give their word in the first place. (I'll come by if nothing better comes up... I'll pick it up for you if I remember...I'll try....I MAY be by to help, but don't count me in....)  They don't commit.  No commitment, no disappointment.  Right?

But the truth is that when people commit to us, we feel loved, special, and important.  When they blow us off we feel that we don't matter to them.  We still feel disappointed.  We feel as if we aren't a special part of their lives. 

Sometimes we assume they are just bad people.  But they aren't.  They just don't consider the effect their actions have on others.  Sometimes they just don't know how to see beyond themselves.  This person who 'stood up' the girls.....they don't even talk about her anymore.  The items they made for her have disappeared.  It is a shame because I know she loves them, and she is a sweet person.  But I don't think she ever considered their disappointment. 

That is just an example but it seems that everywhere I turn, the same attitude of non-commitment is prevalent.  We are quickly becoming a civilization of people that is only concerned with living our lives for ourselves.  That is why our relationships are crumbling.  Our marriages are failing.  We have very few true friends anymore. (you know, the kind you could call anytime and they would be there for you)  Every kind of relationship requires commitment to work.  It requires sacrifice.  It may require helping to get up hay in the heat when you would rather be swimming and sipping cocktails. 

So I leave you with something to think about today.  It is a phrase that I have posted in my home to remind myself of daily.

                                     Commitment versus Obligation
                         The only difference is attitude!

Think about it.


ThyHandHathProvided said...

Natalie, Great post. It seems as if I've been hearing a lot about this lately- people saying one thing and then not following through. I think so much of it is that people are not taking time to form meaningful relationships in the first place. We have to really let people in. It makes us vulnerable, but that's where relationship happens and when that happens, folks are less likely to opt out of commitments. Just my two cents:-).

Your soaps look amazing! Nice work. Do you sell any?


koinonia community said...

You're probably right. People don't put nearly as much effort into their relationships as they should....or much the effort is one-sided.

Thanks. I do sell my soaps. I have selling them pretty much locally unless word happens to spread further. For the most part though, I make them for fun and gifts.