Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Soapy Goodness

Here are some pictures from the final episode of my soap making marathon.  I might have to wait a few weeks or so before making some more.  All these soaps were made using the same recipe that includes palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, cocoa butter and shea butter and goat milk.

Toasted Almond ~ contains almond fragrance oil (one that actually smells like almonds instead of cherries).  Suddenly I'm craving marzipan....I wonder why?!

Kumquat ~  contains fragrance oil, orange peel, and mica  (and kinda looks like cheese).  Fruity and sweet.

Nature Walk ~ contains peppermint and tea tree essential oils, peppermint leaf, and green luffa powder.  It's fresh and invigorating!  Makes me wanna go hiking and build up a marvelous sweat....then go home and shower with 'Nature Walk'.

Peace ~ contains fragrance oil blend (saffron & honey), red kaolin, yellow oxide, & calendula petals.  More peaceful and sensual than nature walk...a very calming, gentle scent.

I hope you've enjoyed them.  I sure had fun making them.  Soap making is a perfect blending of science, cooking & art and I just love it.


Anne-Marie said...

They all look fabulous! The fragrances sound wonderful (especially the Saffron and Honey) and I am loving the natural color theme.

koinonia community said...

Thanks Anne-Marie. That is your Saffron and Honey fo. I LOVE it!

Holly said...

I love your soap! The pictures make me want to make some too!

koinonia community said...

Thanks Holly. I absolutely LOVE making soap.