Monday, January 28, 2008

Three Pennies

When my husband and I decided God wanted for me to quit work and home school our girls, we just knew we had to sell our house to accomplish it. So we put our house up for sale....and it didn't sell. God showed us that if we were obedient, he would provide. And we managed to keep our house AND me stay home and home school.

Recently, God started giving us a vision. He gave us a vision of a community - a community with 'koinonia' at the center of it. This community was a place where people committed to God's vision for their lives, would live as the church. They would be given the opportunity to live in fellowship with each other, be better stewards of their resources, and reach out to the greater community. This vision was planted in the hearts of more than one person, and when those children of God came together to discuss their ideas, it was obvious that the idea was not their own, as there were too many parallels in their dreams.

God has planted the idea for this type of community living all across our nation, and even the world. There are communities popping up all over the world, their members, disciples of Christ, intent on reaching the world with the love of Jesus Christ, not merely through their words, but through the lives they are living. These people believe they can change the world, and they are taking action to ensure that they do.

God is in the process of lining up all the variables to create just such a community here - Koinonia Community. We have laid awake at night wondering how all of this is going to be accomplished. I mean, we don't have the money to buy a bunch of land, let alone build such a huge thing as a community. We haven't even found any land! What are WE going to do? How are WE going to do it? WE won't.

I heard the story not too long ago of how Mother Teresa arrived in India intent on building orphanages. She was asked how much money she had to accomplish her task. She told them she had three pennies. She was told that she couldn't build an orphanage with three pennies. She replied that with God and three pennies, she could do anything.

We don't plan on building a community. I mean, really, how would God receive the honor and glory for something WE accomplished? He wants to get us to the point that there is no doubt in the minds of people, GOD did this thing! It could not happen without HIS hand! Attempt something so great it cannot succeed unless God is in it....and have faith in miracles. Do you believe in miracles?

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