Monday, January 7, 2008

Cleaning, Cookies, and Linkies

These couple of weeks are busy ones so my blogging will be light. God has impressed upon us the necessity to lighten our load, so we are going through everything we have and redistributing it. It has been an odd couple of weeks. We have taken the opportunity to read. We have taken the opportunity to listen to CDs. We even watched a couple of movies. And everything we have seen or heard has been about having less, and giving stuff away. Not just Christian media either. It is coming from all around us. We just can't ignore it as coincidence.

It is weird, but we have reached the point where not only are we ready to part with stuff, because that alone is difficult to do. But we are embarrassed by the excess we have surrounded ourselves with. We are starting to feel like hoarders. All the stuff that we have just in case we may need it. And if we don't need it, it is there just to comfort us with it's presence. All that must go!

We listened to a sermon by Andy Stanley a couple of months ago. He was on stage with two chocolate chip cookies. He called someone else up on stage and let them watch him eat one of the cookies. He said, I know you are hungry, and one cookie is enough for me, but I may be hungry later. I think I'll keep it just in case. If I give it to you, I may not come across another cookie, and then I will be hungry.

How often do we hold onto that cookie, and let it go bad? Sure, someone else could have enjoyed the cookie. Sure that cookie could have kept someone from going hungry. But we would rather keep it, and throw it out, than to give it to someone to need, and get caught without a cookie.

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Anne-Marie said...

This is a great post. And, I hope that the cleaning went well.

It makes me think about my own life and what I'm sitting on and hoarding. Do knitting supplies count? =)

But on a serious note, it inspired me to go through my closet and get rid of at least 10% of it so thank you for that.