Monday, October 8, 2007

The New Koinonia

I am back. And God spoke to me about some changes I need to make. First and foremost is this blog. The purpose of this blog is to lead people to a greater understanding of koinonia. It is also here to lead ME to a greater understanding of koinonia. By thinking through biblical principals, and by discussing it with other people, I hope to learn, learn, learn. And by doing so, I hope to grow, grow, grow.

I don't need to speak to only mature Christians to learn and grow. Everyone is capable of providing insight. Everyone is capable of initiating deep thought, and prompting me to look deeper for answers. I have to tell you though - I am in the pursuit of knowledge, not debate. I am not a gifted debater. I am a teacher. And I spend most of my time talking to young children.

Several months ago I participated in an incredible Bible study. It brought up the following questions. These questions are ones that I try to ask myself when making decisions. I made bookmarks with them to to remind myself daily (maybe I need to tape them to my debit card). If I can get to the point where I can ask myself these questions ALL THE TIME, just think of how far I could progress.

1) Will it glorify God?

2) Will it build up my life in Christ?

3) Will it honor the Word of God?

4) Will it cause anyone to stumble?

5) Will it help me to be a better witness for Christ?

I want to ask those questions of anything I type on this blog. What I write may not be exciting or glamorous. It may not be funny. It may not tell you what is going on in the exciting and glamorous lives of my family. But I hope to open your mind and mine to the Word of God. I desire to glorify God. I desire to build up my life in Christ. I desire to honor the Word of God. I desire to lift people up, not to cause them to stumble. I desire to be a better witness for Christ.

Try to put those questions at the forefront of your decision making. Let me know how it goes.

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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

welcome back...hope you guys had a GREAT time of refreshing.

You'll have to email me or read my blog a few days back to see what fun we had while you were gone (said sarcastically!)