Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Koinonia - moving right along

Koinonia community is not just a theoretical ideal. It is going to become a reality. We are still working on selling our house. We are still looking for land on which to establish this community. I have no doubt God is going to make it all happen. But here is the catch. How are we going to be able to purchase land, and still be able to build a house to live in, and build up a community? So many people are excited about the idea, but instead of being truly 'on board' are 'sitting back and observing'.....sounds awesome......can't wait to see how it turns out for ya........So how is it all going to come together? On a farmer's income? We just are not going to walk away from the sale of our house with a bucket of cash.

But I believe in dreaming large. My bulletin board contains several scriptures, but the central message is ATTEMPT SOMETHING SO GREAT IT CAN NOT SUCCEED UNLESS GOD IS IN IT. That means, if God is in it, it can NOT fail. Just over a year ago, during a chat with our pastor and his wife, they asked Darrell and I if we could accomplish anything and money was no object, what would it be (or something to that effect). Darrell said he would like to create a company to give money to charity, like Paul Newman's company. Did you know Paul Newman's company has given over $200 Million since 1982? I said I would like to establish a true Koinonia community. What if the two are connected? What if we create a company to support Koinonia community, and enable our community to give to the greater community?

I have a passion for making things. Jewelry, ornaments, food, soap - all things crafty. What if we could establish a company for making such things, and use the proceeds to finance Koinonia Community? What if this company gave any profit for charity, scholarships, etc.?

And as a side note-what a cool homeschooling lesson that would be.

See, that is where my idea came from. My eight year old decided she wanted to raise money for construction of a new church our church is planting. So she is making hand drawn bookmarks, and laminating them (laminator donated by Grandpa :0) other supplies donated by Mom and Dad). She has been selling them for 50 cents. For every bookmark she sells, she is giving 40 cents to the new church, and keeping 10 cents. In just over a week she has donated over $20 to our new church.

This was entirely her idea. And I have to say, it rather humbled me. How can I give up? How can I say it is going to be too difficult, when an eight year old can come up with a simple plan and put it into action?

So.......I need some feedback from my blogosphere friends. Any advise? I know there are all sorts of loans available to women intending to start a small business, but I do not intend to borrow any money for this. Know of any grants I should look into? I'm not even sure how it would fit in as a 'not for profit' organization. Any knowledge of where to get this information? I don't even mind hearing if you just think I am totally nuts - I've heard it before ;-) Anyways, God doesn't choose the qualified, he qualifies the chosen.

Most of all, I need lots of prayers. I believe God wants this to happen, but it would sure make me feel better if you told him you want it to happen too. Thanks y'all! And remember, ATTEMPT SOMETHING SO GREAT IT CAN NOT SUCCEED UNLESS GOD IS IN IT!

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