Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Have you ever fasted?

I have a question (actually questions) for anyone reading:

Have you ever fasted?
How long?
Was there anything you ate or drank?
For what purpose did you fast?
Do you feel it was successful toward this purpose?
Did you follow 'business as usual' while fasting, or dedicate your whole time toward prayer, bascically taking a fast from regular daily obligations?



Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I have fasted on a few occasions. It is mos significant for me to fast during Lent. I know most mainline evangelicals don't practice lent, but I pretty much always have.

It helps me to focus on Easter.

Aside from fasting food, I have found that fasting other things is more relavent for me (aka the computer!)

In the end I think if God calls you to the fast, it is a good thing for you all the way around. It is the man-ordained fasts following some church prescribed program that are done more out of obligation, and thus with less spiritual growth or result in the process.

Kate said...

I have fasted from the computer for a period of time, many to get my priorities realigned and refocused.

I have been fasting from chocolate (so hard!) for a time as I pray for my step dad's salvation.

I think you should change up your daily routine and spend more time in prayer and with the Lord while fasting, but more often then not when you fast for more then a short time period you just get use to being without that specific item and live life as you always had- at least that is how I have found it happens to me.

Was I successful in fasting? The few times previous to this that I fasted it was just a computer fast to get back to priorities and yes, it helped. As for this current fasting, only time will tell.