Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Baaaaaccckkkk!

I'm back and anxious to resume sharing our journey.  So much has happened over the last year or so since I've been blogging, and I may share some of it in flashbacks.  For the most part, though, I'm hoping to just pick up from the present.

I have one thing I have to do in order to make this happen.  What, you ask, could that ONE thing be????  Cull!  For you non-farming folk, this is an old term used in livestock breeding.  You cull, or separate your animals into two groups; the ones that produce desirable traits, and the ones that don't.  The dos get kept, and the don'ts....well, don't. 

Of course I'm not talking about breeding livestock here.  I'm talking about my little (little is such a relative term) addiction.  Some people are hoarders.  Others are compulsive shoppers.  I'm a compulsive learner.  There, I've said it!  I feel compelled to learn things.  Now, that would be real beneficial if I was interested in merely gaining knowledge.  My problem is that when I see something (usually something crafty), I think, 'Hey, wouldn't it be a blast to learn to make those myself?'.  As a result, I have dabbled in painting, sewing, quilting, jewelry making, soap making, canning, woodworking, fabric dying, calligraphy, gardening, weaving, and all sorts of other fascinating little things.  And I love them all!  And I want to do them all!

But, alas, I have finally accepted the fact that God isn't going to give me any more hours in the day than other folks.  He's not going to send me a little helper fairy to do all the yucky 'responsible' things that just HAVE to be done.  I know!  It's terrible, isn't it?!

So....I'm going to have to set aside a few of my hobby babies.  Don't worry.  I'll be okay! 

Hopefully I'll keep my addictions enough in check that I'll be able to write a bit...and visit with you!  See you soon.


Michelle said...

Oops! I made a comment and it seems it disappeared :(

I'm so happy to see you are back to blogging!! I missed you bunches. I hope you had an awesome time with your family living in the mountains ((hugs))

koinonia community said...

Oh, I've missed you too Michelle!!!!