Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Incredible Edible Egg

Holy cow um chicken!  That's a big egg!

Because we are easily amused, we like to take pictures of abnormally large eggs that we collect from our hens.  Keep in mind that a majority of the eggs we normally collect are in the large/jumbo range.  I think we have only four or five hens that lay small or medium eggs.  We have one white hen that lays white eggs so large every day that they need to be stored in the door of the fridge. (and she's so tiny)  They have become so common that we don't even photograph them any longer.  But when we get gargantuan brown eggs....we whip out the camera.  Enjoy!

Scrambled eggs from free range hens.  They are much darker and richer than even store bought organic eggs.  More color = More nutrients.  I would photograph a store bought egg for comparison but I can't bring myself to buy them ~ not now that I have more free-range, organic eggs than I could possibly eat. 

I had better go collect some right now.  Bye bye!


egassner said...

Lol. I LOVE to take pics of our weird and large eggs.

koinonia community said...

We're easily amused.