Thursday, April 8, 2010

When The Girls Are Away...Mama Will Play

Something rather unexpected happened this week.  It was spring break in the county where the farm is located.  So the girls had friends home from school who live at the farm.  They decided to go to work with Darrell on Monday.  They not only decided to go back Tuesday, but to spend the night with a friend Tuesday night.  Let's check the math, shall we?  That leaves me with two entire mornings and one entire day to myself!  What to do?  What to do?  Not being one to sit around and having all sorts of projects that I wanted to get accomplished I started pulling out soapmaking materials.

Five batches of soap in one day!  Who would've thought it was possible.  It is!  I had the house to myself all morning and made the most of it.

The above five batches of soap freshly cut the next day and catching the morning sunrise.  Cutting this soap is the only thing that went right on morning number two.  Nothing else got accomplished but alot of frustration and tears.  Every now and then we all have one of those days (or several).  I just prayed that that would be the last one.

Cut soap bars again.  Ser
iously, being the only thing that turned out right I really wanted to focus on those pretty soap bars.  Focus.  Happy place!
Darrell helped me redeam day number two so it wasn't a total waste.  I got laundry soap bars poured in the afternoon.

Laundry soap bars are all weighed out and placed in batch sized stacks on the morning of day three.  I like to use the white but think that homemade laundry powder makes great baby shower or new mommy gifts.....therefore some pink and blue to lightly color the finished powder. Weird, huh?

Kasi just turned eight and is kinda outgrowing the pink and brown in her room so we have been slowly changing it out to more 'mature' decor.  The laundry basket liner really stood out and I had just a little bit of time on day three before the girls were going to be home.  And I am suddenly struck with a cleaning/organized frenzy.  It's weird....almost like I'm nesting.  I'm not very good at sewing hard can it be to copy something?

After!  I was so tickled I could pee!  I called Darrell to find out how far they were from home.  I could hardly wait.  I was bouncing I was so excited to have something turn out right the first time.  And no injuries!

Ah!  And everyone came home, loved the basket, went to their seperate rooms (because they missed us so much) and lived happily ever after.


Michelle said...

WOW! Those are really beautiful soaps Nat. I'm so happy for you that you had some time to yourself and were able to get some soaping in. Your laundry basket liners are so cute. I love the colors.

Anne-Marie said...

Five batches of soap in one day? You, my dear, have outdone yourself. Wow! That is great. Congrats for that. And they look like they all turned out well too. =)

koinonia community said...

Thanks Anne-Marie. Let's see if I ever manage to do it again.

Platypus Dreams said...

Arh you will do it again if you feel you want to, soapmaking is like falling off a log once you have made enough. As to the sewing well that is something that I haven't touched in quite a while, I used to make patch work quilts quite a massive project the queen bed size ones are.
That was when I had time, worked a job and used it for stress relief. lol. Sewing is like soapmaking if you have it all planned out then it comes together like a charm. Now tayloring is a different ball game and I must say I have ripped my hair out many a time making clothes, I don't like making clothes, give me a set of curtains, recovering a chair or cushion covers to make anyday.
Hey really nice swirls in your soap and the sewing looks good too.