Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where oh where has Koinonia gone? Where oh where could she be?

Sorry for my incredible slackness in writing. I just may be that way for awhile. I haven't even read what anyone else has written in weeks. It seems that planning for community left me for a little more time for writing than actually creating community has permitted. Sorry! We really do have some cool stuff going on, and some nifty pictures to boot.

We have the land and have moved our pet 'dog in the body of a pig', Sweet Pea, into a stall in the barn until we can get some fencing up. She is very lonely and in need of some friends. We really want to get the fencing up so we can supply her with some. I have my eye on this adorable little pony and pray that he is still available when the fencing is up and God has provided the funds.

We have been refurbishing the barn, and cutting down trees, and hauling limbs. We have a huge brush pile and lots of firewood. I spent over two hours today digging a pit for the outhouse with Alea's enormous help, while Darrell cut and nailed boards for the walls. We should have it completed and set up tomorrow.

There is electricity run to the old barn. The meter is still there as well. Seems though that you can't get power turned on without an inspection from the city if power has been turned off longer than six months, and it has been off way longer than that. So we are waiting to hear from the inspector. We are also waiting to hear from the surveyor about dividing the land into lots so we can get the health department out to approve the lots for septic, and perhaps see about selling some of them. We also have to get that done before we can even think about digging a well, or purchasing a building permit of our own. We did complete all our calls about hooking up to the county water supply. That is now going to be a last resort, and only happen if we sell all the lots and one of our new neighbors happens to be rich. We will require high pressure six inch pipe running a very long distance. I don't see us investing that kind of money to run water that we will have to filter to drink! Lastly, we have to wait to get all our ducks in a row in order to get our construction loan underway and put in the road. Deep sigh!

So back to repairing the barn, clearing underbrush and bad trees, and watching the wildlife. With the abundance of persimmon trees, we have deer everywhere.


Anonymous said...

If ya'll need any help with design work (spacial or astetical) i'd be more than happy to help you all. That was my 'real job' before the economy killed it. "Smile" I used to work with clients building custom homes from 10-35,000 Sq. Ft. I also designed model homes with my boss for one of the builders.

I bet you've probably thought about this, but there are several books out there on buliding AWESOME houses that are cheap due to the repurposed materials involved (ie. solid paned glass windows vs. paned, boxed cabinetry vs. custom built, etc). There's a show on HGTV now called "Beyond the Box." It's based on this very theory and is a great place for ideas on alternative materials and how much they can save.

If you have any q's or need help with any of that i'll answer what I can or point you in the direction of any resources I have.

All this is so exciting for you guys!

Heather T

Nick B. said...

If you're ever in need of an extra hand, give me a call!! If I'm available at the time, I would love to come out and help!!

Rev Colin said...

Planning was just the easy bit! Can't wait to see pictures as you develop the community.

Very best wishes to you all.