Monday, October 27, 2008

Election Time

It seems that of people are putting their faith for the future of our nation in who is elected for president. People believe that the policies they intend to enact will make or break the moral well-being of this country. The future of this country lies in the hearts of individuals. We are capable of making this country a better place and it's leadership is in the hands of our true leader, our God. I realize that it is important to see where the candidates belief system lies in order to get a better understanding of their character. However, if you believe that a president can enact a policy that will make or break the moral fiber of the people of this country, you are deceiving yourselves.

So many Christians in this country seem to direct their energies into such activities as the non legalization of abortion. I have to be honest with you- I don't agree with the killing of unborn babies. Go ahead and have the baby and I will find someone who will adopt it. As a matter of fact, I will adopt a few myself. But I don't believe that our energies are directed in a manner that actually eliminates abortion. Making it illegal will not eradicate the problem. True change can only exist when you change the hearts of the individuals. Once you change the hearts of the individuals, they will not do something regardless of whether it is legal or illegal.

Same goes for gun control and so many other issues. We can enact laws and policies until we can't possibly keep track of them all. But they will not truly be effective until we begin to change the hearts of people. When we get them to truly understand that God is real, and that He loves us all, and that He wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves...when our greatest desire becomes to please him...then these laws become unnecessary.

So why do we direct our energies on who is planning on enacting what laws, and not on changing the hearts of our neighbors? Get out there and change some hearts people! Go love some folks. "You must be the change you want to see in the world. " Mahatma Gandhi.


nick b. said...


I used to be an Obama supporter (shocker?) before I withdrew from politics (at least in a worldly sense). Some people were shocked that I could vote for someone who would legalize abortion. Yes, I disagreed with his views on abortion, but we've had a "pro-life" president for eight years, and have we seen much change? No...because a president can't change people's hearts.

Well said.

Anonymous said...


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Starr said...

Amen Sista!!!!!
Love you,

Heidi said...

Well, put Natalie... Ditto on the adopting thing!

I happen to think that its none of the govts. business if someone wants to do that, or how I want to teach my kids etc. I like what Joanna said a few days ago...too many govt rules and regulations makes people lose their moral compass.

Most important: HAPPY BIRTHDAY = ) Hope its full of blessings!

Michelle said...

I'm a passionate Obama supporter but your post seriously made me rethink a few things. One being, who has the power to change. Excellent post Natalie. Thank you for the reminder. I get lost sometimes in my own thoughts, your post brought me down to reality.

Carla S. said...

you know Nat, I have read a few peoples blogs recently (minutes ago actually) and I have to say no-one really moves me like you. There is no selfishness and no agenda with your writing friend, just total surrender to the life you know our loving Father wants you to live. Thank-you for writing from that great big heart of yours. Thanks for being so giving,so genuine, and for using the wisdom God has given you to write thoughts that truly touch the lives of others. It is true and evident that God gives you words. You are not just writing to hear yourself. How rare!! You preach what you live. How rare!! I find it an honor to be called your friend. May God continually be molding our hearts to become more like Him with his thoughts and love. Political leaders come and go. God is always here and always leading us when we focus on His ways.

I think I will just love and pray for whoever becomes the leader of the USA, and keep my focus on the creator of the world.