Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quotes from my Babies to Make You Smile...and Laugh

(when saying prayers at night)
"And God, I hope you are safe and happy in heaven."

(after falling down AGAIN)
"Another bruise!" (big grin) "Yeeeesss!"

"I love you even when you suck up."

(after seeing a commercial for a magazine subscription)
"Why would I want to buy issues? Like I don't already have enough issues of my own for free!"

"Aren't these the coolest thing EVER? Magnifying glasses with lights so I can read small things in the dark! They are a little big though. I need smaller ones so I don't look goofy.

1 comment:

Starr said...

You and I and Dana could write a book on what our kids say! Maybe we need to do that!
Love ya,