Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Prom Pictures ~ Arts Evangelica Prom 2008

I just came across these on the Arts Evangelica site today. My husband and I were invited to participate in Arts Evangelica's prom and graduate blessing ceremony this last spring. The first picture is us. The second picture includes our glamorous looking dear friends, Lisa and Grady Kidd. Hope you enjoy!

This was the first time EVER that I have seen my husband in a tux. He cleans up pretty well for a pig farmer!

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Sherlyn said...

You guys are beautiful!!! Love you!

Anne-Marie said...

Beautiful - your family looks very glamorous and happy.

Carla said...

Hey Nat! I told ya I was reading your blogs now, but somehow I forgot to look at this one. I love the dress, it is not how I expected it to look when you bought it though. Much more glamorous and lovely! Sorry I missed the prom. Why didn't we go again? Carla