Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Short Introduction to Arts Evangelica

I would like to introduce you to an organization that is very dear to me, Arts Evangelica. Arts Evangelica is a group dedicated to "reclaiming the arts for His glory".

The Arts Evangelica Dance Company is widely travelled, and has performed on numerous venues. They perform to glorify God and to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have seen them dance several times and assure you that their performances are as professional as they come.

The Dance Company members have the added responsibility of training younger dancers through the GUIDANCE 'God U and I DANCE' program. This group of young ladies, some as young as seven, train not only to be beautiful dancers. They train to be missionaries for Christ, sharing their love for him through dance, and by serving others.

Both of my daughters study dance at Arts Evangelica. Their instructors are not only incredible teachers, but wonderful role models with a love for Jesus Christ, dance, and children. This is Alea's first year in the GUIDANCE program. She is truly looking forward to going out into the community and sharing her love of Jesus Christ through dance.

Check them out!

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