Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Sure Have Some Awesome Friends!

My friend Britnie has a bible study this morning and I am keeping her adorable four year old son for her for a few hours. She made him his own 'happy meal' and brought two for my girls as well. They are full of healthy goodies including homemade chocolate chip cookies made with whole wheat flour and dark chocolate, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. She even printed up her own bags with some fun activities.

Also, she knows how much time we have been spending at Lowes lately, and how bored the girls are becoming with going there. She printed up some fabulous scavenger hunt activity sheets for the girls to do while we shop for supplies for our new home. She even attached them to little clip boards and included a pen. How cool is that? Don't I have the most amazing friends? I only wish I had that much imagination.

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egassner said...

How fun for them! But honestly, who gets bored in Lowes! :D There is soooo much to do there! Looks like the house is coming along fast! You must be excited!