Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Close or Not to Close.....that is the question

So....are we going to close on our building loan today? Or not? It is less than four hours to closing and they have not given us any idea how much money we need to take to closing. We have been disappointed before and were starting to believe that the whole idea of living in a house was just a legend...a tale we heard tell of and retold...but based in fantasy instead of reality.

But a weird feeling hit me this week. Indecision and an odd feeling of peace. Honestly, living in a camper hasn't been that bad. Do I even want to build a house and live a normal life in a normal house just like everyone else? And fear. What if I become too comfortable? What if I forget about all that I have learned this past year? What if I become complacent? What if I become lazy and stop living intentionally? Also, something I hadn't thought of before....it is easy to live a life that others consider peculiar when your living conditions warrant peculiar living. But when you live under conditions like everyone else and just choose to make peculiar choices....that makes you....well, just peculiar.

So how about that feeling of peace? I feel complete and utter peace about whatever happens today. The fate of our building loan is in God's hands...not the lender. If we don't close on the loan for one reason or another, that is a closed door...not an obstacle. Honestly, I'm still not opposed to the idea of putting up a yurt. Quick, easy, inexpensive. Of course, there must be running water. That is my one request.

So that is where I stand today. What will the day have in store for my family? I don't know. I just know it is going to be awesome. At the very least, for now, I get to wake every day to the most amazing view, with the most amazing people I know. Our God is a wonderful, powerful, and loving God, and I am his servant.

Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.

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