Monday, January 5, 2009

Astronaut Farmer

God threw one of those surprise gifts at my family the other day. We rented a few movies the other day. I just happened to pick up a movie without even reading the case. I just felt like I should get it. It was called the "Astronaut Farmer", and starred Billy Bob Thorton. Really, it wasn't something that I would normally feel drawn to. But I picked it out anyways. What a gift!

It is a story about a man who decides to build a rocket in his barn to launch into space, and the effect his project has on his family, friends, and neighbors. It is about a family that dreams together, and the people that try to shoot down their dream. See, this family hears about how their dream can not and will not work. They hear about the foolishness of their ideas. The hear about how this dream is going to tear them apart.

But this story is about how they stick together, and support each other, and continue their dream together...even through hardships. It is about the foolishness of the critics. It is about how dreaming and working together doesn't tear them apart...but how it brings them closer together.

Once again, God's timing is perfect. We have heard of the foolishness of building a community based on sharing and fellowship. We have heard it will not work. But we are continuing to dream together...and we are finding ourselves being drawn closer together as a result. Check it out and keep dreaming. Gotta go...I have a rocket to build!


Nick said...

This whole community IS the world. :-)

Nick said... those lacking a kingdom mindset, since a lot of the criticism seems to be coming from the Church.

egassner said...

Have you fallen off the earth? I was thinking of you today in the a totally clean "I love Natalie's soaps" kind of way :D

koinonia community said...

Hey Elizabeth! We still don't have internet...or water. It is hard for me to have enough time to get online and do anything besides check email when we run to Mom's to shower and do laundry. I miss you guys though!

Anne-Marie said...

Thank you for sharing your 2009 goals on my blog. I just wanted to check in with you to see how you were doing with your goals so far in '09. Hope all is well!

thatmom said...

Natalie, we LOVED that movie!