Friday, November 21, 2008

Community Update

Long blog....

Time for a community update.

Today we are getting a camper set up to stay in on the land. We have reached the point where it is just insanity to try to run back and forth to try to accomplish anything and just need to be there full time. It is going to take us a few days to get set up though. There is power run to the barn now, but no outlets to plug into. That needs to be taken care of. The nights here have been rather chilly and I don't want to wake up to below freezing temperatures every morning in a camper. I know..where is my sense of adventure. Have no doubt I have already been on an adventure. Our water use will be limited to what can be stored in the tank as we have not yet dug a well or had county water run to the land. But we know that God is going to bless every moment we spend there.

We have chosen a layout for the lots. All of the lots are between nearly 3/4 acre and 1 1/4 acre. There are eight of them. There is a circular area in the middle of the field of about a half acre which will comprise a community park area. Around this circle will be the residential road, around which the lots are situated. All the houses will face this park area (and each other). All of the area which is currently being leased to purchase will be community land and will contain the garden, orchard, barn and pasture land, and community house.

There is so much to be done, but it is becoming very real. We meet with our first builder Monday and are planning meetings with at least two more. The surveyors are going to head out and put up stakes to designate boundary lines. Then we will be able to get the health department out there to do the perc tests. Then......a well! Then we won't have to head to mom's house to shower. Woo hoo!

I just wish you could see the multitude of confirmations God has sent our way. This is most definitely what he desires for us to do. It's not easy. I does take sacrifice. But he is creating something absolutely amazing, and allowing us to be a part of it.

We have a few purposes at the forefront of this project. We want to promote fellowship because fellowship with each other not only encourages us on this journey, but it makes our lives more meaningful. But even more importantly, it strengthens the bonds of our fellowship with our God. He created us for himself. We want to grow closer to him. Secondly, we want to promote sharing because sharing is the key to abundant life, abundant relationships, and an abundant heart. Truly understanding that God is the owner of our possessions changes how we view things. It shuffles the priorities in our lives and frees us from bondage to stuff. Lastly, we simply want to feed the hungry. We intend to grow food for a dual purpose. We want to use it to feed the hungry, and to feed ourselves so that we can direct the money God has given us to govern into different areas. We want to be able to leverage our resources for something, not just use it to meet our own needs.

So many people are in a panic over the state of the economy. Their retirement funds are quickly disappearing. The price of living is rising. Well-paying jobs are becoming harder to find. How will we survive? Not by trying to find a way to make more money to fund their current lifestyle, I assure you. But by standing in unity we will survive. By sharing our resources, and living more simply, and by giving away to those in need. We will not only survive, but we will live in abundance, blessed with a heart overflowing with love and thankfulness.

I will be offline temporarily once we get moved to the land...until we get wireless service. I'm not so sure that is a priority though, so for now...good day.


Michelle said...

It certainly is beautiful. I wish you luck, sending prayers and positive energy your way because I know emotional challenges are ahead. It will be wonderful when it is all finished.

I love what you said about "surviving." You are so right. We need to go back to the way we were when we helped each other and shared our resources. Develop strong communities again.

Nick said...

I am soooo excited about all of this!! AND so thankful that God has put you guys in my life.

I say it again...if there is any assistance needed, please let me know!! I am without a car at this point, so I'm sharing with family...but still, I will make any/every effort to help!

Wendy M. said...

Happy that things are working out for you guys, Nat! :)

Rev Colin said...

It's great to share this exciting journey with you as you move forward according to the Lord's leading. I love to catch up with the latest news and especially to share in the beauty of the site via your photo parade.

Both you, your family, and the project remain in my prayers, and I pray that God's blessing will be upon every stage as you move forward.

Carla said...

You should make this a part of your facebook page Nat. This is exciting stuff and your faith and love emanates from your writing. Share! Share! Share!

Amber said...

I keep coming back to check for updates and I just keep reading over and over. What a powerful post! Not to mention the beautiful photos. I am thinking of you a lot these days and hoping so much for things to keep falling in place for you.

Take care!