Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aloha! I'm Back!!!!!

Aloha from Hawaii! We closed on the sale of our house on Wednesday, May 21. We left that evening for a hotel near the airport as we were flying out at 7 am on Thursday for Hawaii. How is that for timing?

We have had this vacation planned for quite awhile and were supposed to take it in 2007 , but to make a long story short, had to get an extension on our airline tickets, and go this year. We are renting a house on the island of Kauai (the Garden Island). There are nine of us here - my husband and I, our two girls, my mother and stepfather, and my stepsister and her son and daughter. A full house!

We had very little time to pack up the house, find a new place, and move, so we did not yet locate a new place. When we get back, we are homeless, and are going to be staying with friends until we do locate a new home. We have our eye on 20 acres smack dab in the area we were interested in buying, but did not have the time to do anything about it before our trip. It would be an incredible place to build a community. So we are praying for guidance.

I am trying to talk my husband into taking a sabbatical, and just heading off west from Hawaii-Japan, the Philippines, or somewhere else. I mean, what a perfect opportunity. I don't think I have sold him on the whole idea yet. Of course, we do still have four days here for me to talk him into it.....

Anyways, I am back. You will be hearing more from me. I have missed writing, and reading your blogs.

Aloha for now. Who knows where I will be writing from next?!

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