Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Remembrance of Heroes

I don't know why I chose today. It isn't a special day. I was just thinking about my Uncle Terry and his copilot who died when their helicopter 'Pegasus' crashed into the Klamath River not quite a year and a half ago. They were fighting the wildfires near the California / Oregon border.

Terry 'Jake' Jacobs
born 2~18~48


Andrei Pantchenko
born 4~20~68

Both died on 8~04~06

Please pray for all the brave folks fighting these fires that have been ravaging our beautiful countryside. They have saved many lives and many have given their lives for the privilege of doing so. And please continue to pray for the safety of the firefighters to come.


Wendy said...

I'm sure there's Terry is in a very special place in heaven for all of the lives that he saved! :) Keep your chin up...

Love ya!

Starr said...

Your uncle Terry had the same birthday as Chase. I didn't know you had even dealt with that tradgedy. So sorry, but Wendy is so right, he is certainly in a better place.